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Vermont Courts Online provides access to calendar information for all of Vermont's Criminal, Family, and Civil Divisions; as well as detailed case information for the Civil Divisions (civil and small claims cases) for all Units of the Vermont Superior Court (*). Records not open to public inspection by statute or court rule are not contained on this website.

Detailed case information about Family Division cases is currently NOT accessible through VTCourtsOnline.

Calendar information (*) is available for most cases, and includes information about the parties, attorneys, the nature of the disputes, and the hearing information when and if that information is not confidential. It is not necessary to sign up for an account to view the available calendar information. If you are looking for the Public Calendars, please click the 'Calendar by Date and County' or 'Calendar by Attorney'. There is no charge for viewing the Public Calendars.

Detailed case information includes case summaries and real-time docket chronologies, and is currently available only for Civil and Small Claims cases in the Civil Division of all Units of the Vermont Superior Court (*).

The information obtained from VTCourtsOnLine is not guaranteed to be complete or accurate. Please realize that you use this information at your own risk, and understand that Vermont Judiciary is not responsible for any errors or omissions or misrepresentations made by persons based on the electronic records. Records not open to public inspection by statute are not contained on this website. If you believe any of the data contained in this database is inaccurate, please contact the court where the original record was created and filed.

The Office of the Defender General has an agreement with the Court Administrator's Office to provide access to Vermont Courts Online for assigned cases at no charge. We have access to criminal cases and civil suspensions. We do not have access to confidential records, such as juvenile cases, through Vermont Courts Online.

Public defense staff, including support staff, assigned counsel contractors and ad hoc counsel are considered "Users". An individual no longer qualifies as a User upon termination of his or her employment, contract or ad hoc status. Users can only access electronic information from Vermont Courts OnLine to collect information for criminal justice purposes. Users shall not access the data for personal use or use as private counsel. You must read the Memorandum of Understanding, sign the User Agreement and return it to us to set up an account.

Please return the agreement to:

Lora Evans
Administrative Services Manager
Office of the Defender General
6 Baldwin Street, 4th Floor
Montpelier, VT  05633-3301

Contact Information

Office of the Defender General
6 Baldwin Street, 4th Floor
Montpelier, VT  05633-3301
(802) 828-3168
(802) 828-3163 (fax)

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