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Attorneys Wanted
Public Defense and Assigned Counsel Contract Positions

The Office of the Defender General is searching for attorneys to provide Public Defense and Assigned Counsel services under contract throughout the State of Vermont for Fiscal Year 2024, commencing July 1, 2023. These legal services are available to indigent defendants charged with crimes with the possibility of jail, to parties in juvenile proceedings in Family Court, in appellate cases before the Vermont Supreme Court, and in post-conviction relief cases. Contracts include:

  • Public Defense caseload relief services in the northern and southern parts of the state, and appellate services, training services, legislative assistance services, and DUI on-call services.
  • Serious Felony Unit services throughout the state.
  • Assigned counsel services in all counties throughout the state. Assigned counsel contractors provide quality legal services to persons entitled to be represented by a public defender, in cases in which the public defender in the county has a conflict of interest. These contracts range from a very small caseload in only criminal or juvenile cases, to full-time contracts covering both caseloads.  
  • Assigned Counsel appellate services.
  • Assigned Counsel post-conviction relief services.
  • Assigned Counsel Coordinator services.
  • Assigned Counsel-Criminal-Orleans and Franklin Counties.

Qualifications for public defense and assigned counsel contracts are current admission to the Vermont Bar, handicap accessibility to the practice, and a demonstrated ability to provide high quality representation with an emphasis on trial practice and courtroom skills while managing a heavy caseload. The contracts are performance based and provide for a monthly payment based on historical caseload.  Contractors are required to carry professional liability insurance in the amount of $500,000 per occurrence.

For further information, including current rates of compensation and caseload statistics, please contact the Office of the Defender General (802-828-3194), or  The Office of the Defender General is an equal opportunity employer.

Send resume and cover letter no later than June 15, 2023 to:

Matthew Valerio, Defender General
Office of the Defender General
6 Baldwin Street, 4th Floor
Montpelier, VT 05633-3301
or e-mail to