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Assigned Counsel Information Packet

Charles S. Martin
Assigned Counsel Coordinator
P.O. Box 607
Barre, Vermont 05641-0607
(802) 479-0568
(802) 479-5414 (fax)

This Assigned Counsel Information Packet includes both forms and documents explaining administrative procedures. Please discard any previously received forms or informational documents as they may be superseded. Please share these materials with your secretary, bookkeeper, or other staff who have responsibilities concerning record keeping or completion of Expenditure Request Forms, Debentures, Case Reports, etc.

The Expenditure Request Form is intended for your form file. When you need to request my approval on some matter, please photocopy it and fill in the pertinent information for the particular case. 
NOTE: Both the name and address of service providers must be included on any request for services (investigators, expert witnesses, evaluators, etc.)

The Witness Form is intended for your form file. Complete one for any witness. The courts are no longer responsible for payment of trial witnesses. Expenditure Request and Witness Forms must be used for trial witnesses.

There is also a Debenture Form, Juvenile Case Report Form and Adult Case Report Form, which can also be found in the “Forms” section of this web page. The debenture form and information related to billing for services on an assigned case are for ad hoc attorneys only. 

Common Mistakes That Cost You Money:

  1. You must ask for excess compensation before you put in the time in excess of limits in the administrative order. Excess compensation requests will be rejected if submitted for the first time with final billing.
  2.  The debenture must be submitted within three months of closing the case. A debenture received more than three months after a case is closed will be automatically rejected.

Appellate Procedures:

  1. Transcripts must be ordered directly from court reporters on court-provided forms, not from court clerks.
  2. A notice of appeal must be accompanied by an application for the services of appellate counsel. A client is not entitled to state-paid appellate representation until the trial court approves the application, except in juvenile cases.


  1. Debenture Form - Instructions for Completion
  2. Deposition Memo (2/1/90)
  3. General Procedures - Assigned Counsel Coordinator Instructions (7/25/94)
  4. Independent Evaluations Memo (7/94)
  5. Transcript Ordering Instructions (11/30/22)
  6. Transcript (Depositions) Format
  7. Transcriber (Depositions) List

Forms You May Need

  1. Adult Case Report
  2. Appeal Referral Form
  3. Debenture Form
  4. Expenditure Request Form (with instructions)
  5. Juvenile Case Report Form
  6. Witness Form
  7.  Non-Employee Personal Expense Form (expense with prior approval)