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Prisoners' Rights Office

The Prisoners’ Rights Office addresses a wide range of issues that deal with the fact, length and conditions of confinement and community supervision for people serving sentences.  These include post-conviction relief criminal appeals, furlough, parole, and supervised community sentence eligibility and violations, health care, prison discipline and sentence calculation.

Annie Manhardt, Esq., Supervising Attorney
Emilia (Mila) King-Musza, Esq., Staff Attorney
Jill Paul Martin, Esq., Staff Attorney
Dawn Seibert, Esq., Staff Attorney
Rubin Jennings, Investigator
Hillary McDonald, Investigator
Darla Montgomery, Investigator
David Hall, Legal Assistant III

Prisoners' Rights Office
6 Baldwin Street, 4th Floor
Montpelier, VT  05633-3301
(802) 828-3194
(802) 828-3163 (fax)