DUI - Legislative Council Chart (showing ignition interlock changes)

Link to all datamaster discovery

DataMaster DMT Operator Manual - Effective 8/26/15

DOH - DataMaster DMT Instrument Supervisor and Record Administrator Manual

DataMaster DMT Student Manuals

DUI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Student Manual

Horizontal Gaze Nystagnus Test
A Primer by Kurt Hughes, Esq.

Vermont Forensic Laboratory Chemists for DUI/DUID Cases - Memo 1/9/20


The Commonwealth v. Gerhardt, 81 NE.3d 751 (Mass. 2017) decision and briefing really provide fantastic leads for us in terms of identifying possible experts and getting quickly to the specific scientific studies on this.

Briefs are available here:  http://www.ma-appellatecourts.org/search_number.php?dno=sjc-11967&get=Search

The decision, which is on Westlaw, can also be accessed here:    https://www.leagle.com/decision/inmaco20170919191  or in the ODG Trial Bank in Word format.

Depositions of State's DRE experts:  Expert 1 (Expert 1's CV and report),  Expert 2

DRE testimony in two cases - Drug CombinationMarijuana DUD. (note: new password required to access)

Defense expert report

Vermont Forensic Lab Drug Testing Memo 2-11-2019

Vermont Forensic Lab Evidentiary Blood Testing Memo 5-22-2019


LAW ENFORCEMENT BULLETIN (10/22/15) (#15-08) - Notice to all law enforcement regarding criminal DLS charges pursuant to 23 VSA 674(a)

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