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Eyewitness Identification

Emotions Easily Affect Memories and Accurate Identification of Suspects.

Expert Witnesses and Human Biometrics

Eyewitness Evidence:  A Guide for Law Enforcement

Eyewitness Identification Procedures:  Recommendations for Lineups and Photospreads

Eyewitness Identification Under Stress
Write-up of a UK study on stress that supports previous findings that high levels of stress dramatically decrease the reliability of eyewitness IDs.  The researchers observed a "catastrophic failure of identification" for individuals in the high-stress condition.

Jurors:  What Do They Understand about Eyewitness Reliability?
Courts regularly make unsubstantiated assertions that jurors understand, as a matter of common sense, how memory works and what its limitations are in the eyewitness identification context. This article disproves such judicial assertions by presenting the results of a survey of potential jurors’ understanding of eyewitness reliability — a powerful tool for defense attorneys anywhere who want to get expert testimony admitted.

Lineup Composition, Suspect Position, and the Sequential Lineup Advantage. (Article Abstract - full article available for purchase).
Authors argue that sequential lineups reduce the likelihood of mistaken eyewitness identification. Results suggest that the sequential lineup advantage is dependent on lineup composition and suspect position.

Look Into His Eyes:  Retired Hanover College Professor, Roger Terry, Helps Courts Find the Truth

Mistaken Eyewitness Identifications:  The Leading Cause of Wrongful Convictions.  (Nieman Watchdog)

Other Jurisdictions:

People v. Legrand
This case comments on and allows the use of eyewitness identification expert testimony, and is one of a growing number of cases recognizing misidentification as one of the top three causes of wrongful conviction.

Reactions of Mock Jurors to the DOJ's Guidelines for the Collection & Preservation of Eyewitness Evidence

Reevaluating Lineups: Why Witnesses Make Mistakes and How to Reduce the Chance of a Misidentification

Scientists Develop New Tool to 'Freeze' Crime Scene Memories

Survey Results: 1007 Potential DC Jurors

Understand the Causes:  Eyewitness Misidentification (The Innocence Project)

Vermont Line Up Eyewitness Identification Training Manual

Vermont State Police Eyewitness Identification Policy