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CLE Requirements

Vermont CLE Requirements (1-31-23)

Language Access

Agency of Human Services Limited English Proficiency Policy

Vermont Judiciary Language Access Plan

Vermont Judiciary Language Access Operations Manual


DOC Interim Memo: Providing Electronic Legal Materials to Incarcerated Individuals (effective 07/17/2022)

September 2, 2022, Report of the Vermont State Auditor: Vermont Criminal Justice Council

Attorney Lines for Facilities (updated August 3, 2022)

Patrol Procedures Manual (Vermont Police Academy)

Report of Indigent Defense Task Force - Vermont - January 2001

Vermont State Police Policy: Use of Conducted Electrical Weapons (tasers) - December 30, 2015

Vermont State Police Training Bulletin 1134; 2018-1 Legislative Overview - Marijuana

Bail Fund contact (email)

Vermont Sites

National Organizations

Legal and Investigatory Resources